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Harvesting Change

The Baiyue Tribes have inhabited the northern mountains of Vietnam for thousands of years. They have a long tradition of picking sacred teas from some of the largest and oldest tea trees in the world.

Despite a robust history of tea and tea culture, many traditional tea farms and farmers now face the growing threats of industrialization and corporate influence.

National and international corporations have begun mass harvesting the tea trees of northern Vietnam for export. They often rely on the exploited labor of local tea pickers who work for low wages, often using environmentally damaging methods, to support themselves and their families.

Our mission at the Baiyue Tea Society is to increase the global visibility of Baiyue tea producers so they can receive the support and recognition they deserve while continuing to harvest tea in ethical and traditional ways.

Through education, communication, and local and international partnerships we are looking to raise awareness about the people, the traditions, and the tea that makes this region of the world so special.


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