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Human Rights Issues Within the Tea Farming Sector

The Baiyue Tribes traditional way of tea farming and processing has been passed down from generation to generation, ensuring the quality and taste of their tea. However, recent commercial tea farming activities have taken over the Shan Tea Mountain range, impacting the Baiyue Tea Community and their way of life.

The Shantea Mountain range, the harvesting area of choice for the Baiyue Tribe, is known for its high-quality tea production. The Community has been the primary cultivator of tea in this region, following traditional and sustainable methods. Their tea farms are small-scale, and they rely on natural resources to maintain the health and productivity of their tea bushes.

However, with the increasing demand for tea and the commercialization of the industry, large tea corporations have started investing in the Shantea Mountain range. These corporations operate on a massive scale, using modern techniques and chemical fertilizers to maximize their yield. This has led to the displacement of the Baiyue Tea Community, as their traditional way of tea farming cannot compete with the commercial industry's efficiency.

The impact on the Baiyue Tea Community has been significant. Many farmers have lost their lands, and their way of life has been disrupted. They have been forced to find alternative sources of income, which may not be as fulfilling as their traditional tea farming practices. Furthermore, the commercialization of tea farming has led to a decline in the quality of tea, as modern techniques prioritize yield over taste and health benefits.

The loss of the Baiyue Tea Community's traditional way of farming also means the loss of centuries of knowledge and culture. The Baiyue Tea Community has a unique way of processing tea that involves picking only the most tender leaves and handcrafting them into tea cakes. This method produces tea that is not only delicious but also packed with health benefits. However, with the commercialization of tea farming, the traditional way of processing tea is slowly fading away, and with it, the history and culture of the Baiyue Tea Community.

The commercialization of tea farming in the Shantea Mountain range has had a significant impact on the Baiyue Tea Community. Their traditional way of farming and processing tea is slowly disappearing, and with it, the history and culture of the region. It is essential to support small-scale farmers and promote sustainable tea farming practices to ensure the longevity of this industry and the communities that rely on it.


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