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Tea According to the Solar Terms

The Baiyue Tribes have traditionally harvested and processed tea according to a lunisolar calendar referred to in English as “Solar Terms.” It is a method of breaking down the calendar year into twenty-four segments that reflect or track turning points in the seasons.

The practice of living according to the Solar Terms is a way of life that has been passed down for generations and has profoundly shaped the world views and codes of conduct of many of the Baiyue tribes. People use particular Solar Terms as the means of determining when to plant, harvest, celebrate spiritual rituals, hold yearly festivals, and so much more. The process of picking and making tea also follows these cycles.

The Bách Việt region of northern Vietnam traditionally has three tea harvests per year. With each of these different harvests different types of tea are typically picked and produced.

spring: We harvest of fairy, dragon and snow shan tea buds to make White Silver Needle, Peony, and Yellow Teas

autumn: We harvest snow shan tea buds to make Trà Ống Lam (Fermented tea in bamboo tube)

winter: We harvest tea leaves to make Fresh Tea


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