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Though aging food and beverages like wine, cheese, and liquor has been a practice for centuries among food and drink connoisseurs, the concept of aging tea is relatively novel to many. However, the tradition of aging tea traces back over a thousand years to the transportation of teas from Yunnan Province to Tibet in exchange for Tibetan horses. Throughout this nearly year-long journey, the teas underwent a gradual fermentation process, leading to a transformation in their flavor profile. Over time, the teas became less astringent and developed a more mellow.

What is a Tea Bank?

Within the realm of tea, several factors define the essence of a brew: its origin, variety, harvest season, and the craftsmanship behind it. Yet, there's a fifth factor, equally pivotal in flavor development: time. Much like fine wines, premium teas can mature, yielding exceptional results when handled with care.

A tea bank serves as a valuable resource for both tea enthusiasts and investors by providing a secure storage facility for teas that gain value and complexity over time. Unlike conventional green or black teas with limited shelf lives, aged ancient tea tree artisanal Pu Erh Tea, White Tea, Bamboo Tube Tea, or Bancha Tea can appreciate significantly when stored under optimal conditions. As flavors evolve and health benefits enhance with time, these teas become sought-after investments, making a tea bank a prudent choice for those looking to preserve and augment the value of their tea collection.

Consider varieties such as Smokey Bamboo Tea or Fermented Tea, capable of indefinite aging under ideal storage conditions: consistent temperature, dry surroundings, and protection from direct sunlight. As time progresses, these teas have the potential to accrue substantial value, presenting an enticing investment opportunity. Moreover, with each passing year, fermented tea acquired through your membership gains in value and purity, enriching your tea collection and investment portfolio simultaneously.

How it works?

Simply choose the tea you wish to store and select the duration of storage that suits your needs. You can opt for storage periods ranging from 6 months to several years, with the convenience of automatic recurring payments. This flexibility ensures you have your tea stored for as long as you desire. Don't hesitate to connect with our dedicated service team at to explore our exquisite range of teas, featuring Pu Erh Tea cakes, White Tea cakes, Bamboo Tea tubes, Bancha Tea cakes, and beyond. 

Remarkably, our prices begin at a mere $5 USD per 100 grams, coupled with a nominal $5 USD fee for storage. What's more, our prices are consistently less than half of what competitors charge for similar quality teas. For optimal value and flavor development, we recommend a minimum storage duration of 2 years. Upon completion of your chosen storage period, we will promptly ship your stored teas to the provided shipping address. However, you retain the option to access your teas at any time.

Should you wish to retrieve your tea before the end of your selected storage period, simply email us. Please note that early retrieval does not entail a refund of the storage fee paid, so we advise careful consideration of your storage duration. Alternatively, you can opt for our month-by-month storage plan for added flexibility.

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Store and Age Your Teas with Us

We are an official social enterprise located in the north of Vietnam established under the Vietnam Enterprise Law to operate as a commercial organization. This means that we must commit to investing at least 51% of our annual profit in registered social, economic, and environmental endeavors. Our enterprise, however, has committed to reinvest the entire profit generated to improve the sustainable livelihood of tea farmers and those committed to indigenous knowledge preservation.

The Tea House of Baiyue Tribes endeavors to connect with individuals and organizations who are open-minded and interested in delving into indigenous wisdom and the preservation of the land where ancient tea trees flourish. By joining our Tea Bank, you not only access a service but also become a valued member of our community. Members of the Baiyue tribes will embrace you as part of their extended family, inviting you to visit them and your stored tea at your convenience. Additionally, there is the possibility that during your visit, accommodation and meals will be generously provided by the family storing your tea.

Finally, in addition to all the benefits mentioned above, each season, members will receive tea curated according to the lunar calendar and the shifting solar terms. Each solar term marks a unique moment in time, guiding our farming, harvesting, and spiritual rituals with precision and reverence. Please note that while we provide the seasonal tea, members are responsible for the shipping costs associated with its delivery. For more information, don't hesitate to write to

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Tea House of Baiyue Tribes 

Đạo Đức, Vị Xuyên District, Ha Giang


+84 97 480 03 59

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Fermented Tea 


Pu Ehr tea is cooked, fermented and pressed, providing enhanced taste and value as it ages through the years. Pu Ehr tea can be aged for up to 10 years.



Explore the life of the Baiyue tribe here in Ha Giang. Our accommodations allow you to explore the tea making process in luxury.

Tea Bank


The bank allows you to purchase and store pressed tea here in Ha Giang. This tea increases in value by 25%  for each year stored

Seasonal Varieties 


Sustainably harvested every growing season. We offer special tea like a part of our tea bank.

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