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Connecting Tea Lovers with Locals for Sharing

Baiyue Tea Society


Harvesting Change

The Baiyue Tribes have inhabited the northern mountains of Vietnam for thousands of years. They have a long tradition of picking sacred teas from some of the largest and oldest tea trees in the world.

Despite a robust history of tea and tea culture, many traditional tea farms and farmers now face the growing threats of industrialization and corporate influence.

The Tea Experience

Take a guided trip to Ha Giang to witness the beauty of the Baiyue Tribe first hand. Our retreats are distinguished between travellers looking immerse themselves in the tea community, or tea business owners wanting to view their products first hand. 

To learn more or book a tea experience separately, click the link below

The Society

Baiyue Tea Society is a tea membership organization working with local tribes in North Vietnam. Many of these tribes have been living and harvesting tea in this region since 1000 BCE. Our society aims to help them create means of sustainable livelihoods while promoting their unique cultural heritage.



Our mission is to increase the visibility of the Baiyue tea-pickers on the market so they can receive the support they deserve to continue the tradition of ethical tea harvesting.

The Baiyue Tribes have harvested sacred teas from their mountains for thousands of years. The tribe, along with over 100 others in the Bach Viet region are undergoing threats from corporate influence


Corporations have begun mass harvesting tea trees for export, and local tea pickers have been forced to work for low wages and in often environmentally damaging ways to support themselves and their families. 


Tea Bank

Become part of the community while contributing to our cause

A tea bank provides a valuable service for tea enthusiasts and investors alike, offering a secure storage facility for teas that improve in value and flavor complexity over time. 

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